This page will provide you with all the information you need to safely ship your pet to us for memorial services.

 It is important to note that it is perfectly legal and quite common to ship your pets body to us to perform memorial services. There are certain rules and best practices that must be followed to ensure safe delivery of your pet to us.

 After your pet has passed if you are planning on having memorial services performed, there are a few important things to do. First and foremost is freezing. This is the most important part of the shipping process. Position your pet in a fetal type position, basically curled up as small as possible. Place your pet inside multiple plastic bags, then freeze thoroughly. If a large enough freezer is not available to you, some veterinarians will perform this service for you. The larger the animal the longer this step takes. Once this is done you can gather your supplies and prepare for shipping

Supplies Needed For Shipping

  • A Sturdy shipping box, heavy duty plastic tote, or insulated cooler.

  • Gel freezer packs, typically the blue reusable ice packs.

  • Insulating material. Pink wall insulation works best, but isn’t critical.

  • Anti leak material. Puppy pads are a great option.

  • Plastic bags.

Steps to prepare your shipment to Skeletal Articulation.

  1. Get your box or plastic tote and line it with your insulating materials. If using a styrofoam cooler be sure it is snugly fit into a sturdy box to avoid damage to the cooler.

  2. Place your anti leak materials inside of the insulated area. Puppy pads work best, paper towels or a blanket will work as well. Note that items used in shipping can be returned to you upon request.

  3. Ensure your pet is well frozen and wrapped in a blanket, towel, or even paper towels, and placed inside a plastic bag. Use multiple bags individually tied to avoid any possible leakage.

  4. Place your pet in the shipping package and add your freezer packs . Keep the ice packs as close as possible to the animal to ensure the cold is kept where we want it.

  5. Fill any extra space with more insulation, puppy pads, paper towels, crumpled newspaper. Anything that will fill out the remaining space and keep anything from moving inside the box. 

  6. Finally seal the box once everything is packed and prepare to ship out. 

  7. Always ship on a Monday or Tuesday, if packaged properly overnight shipping is not necessary. 2 day or 3 day, depending on weather conditions, is sufficient and will save a lot of money.